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Cyber Security Alert

*Free tool! smsGuardian: Anti-fraud text alert service for credit and debit card transactions. Want a text message when your card is used for an out of state transaction, declined authorization, international transaction, your cardís not present, or an authorization greater than $300.00? Sign up for smsGuardian, now! Click on the Personal tab above, then scroll down and click on Debit Cards for detailed instructions! * Msg&Data rates may apply*


24-Hour ATM Banking

The FNB&Trust ATM network is another way we provide you with convenient access to your money and account information. Get cash at any FNB&T ATM, as well as thousands of other machines worldwide through network affiliations with NYCE ® Pulse ®, Cirrus®, or Plus® systems.

FNB 24-Hour ATM Locations:

  • Main Branch
    111 S. Main Street
    Atmore, AL 36502
  • North Branch
    205 N. Main Street
    Atmore, Alabama 36502
  • South Branch
    104 Lindberg Avenue
    Atmore, Alabama 36502
  • Walgreens
    1504 S. Main Street
    Inside store walk up ATM

  • Excel Branch
    67 Highway 136E
    Excel, AL 36439

  • Walgreens
    1772 S. Alabama Avenue
    Inside store walk up ATM

Automatic Funds Transfer

Sometimes, even those folk who never overdraw their bank account can make a mistake. Thatís why FNB&Trust offers Automatic Funds Transfer. It works like this. If you happen to overdraw your account, we can automatically transfer funds from one of your other FNB&Trust savings or checking accounts to cover the overdraft.

Automatic Funds Transfer can save you from an embarrassing error and the expense of returned check fees that are charged by many merchants, in addition to bank charges. Apply at your nearest FNB&Trust office.

DoubleCheck - FREE check recovery for Commercial Checking Customers

First National Bank & Trust has partnered with Econocheck Corporation to offer our business customers DoubleCheck, a free electronic check re-presentment program.

  • Automatically increases your recovery of bad checks
  • No forms to fill out or long term contract agreements
  • No enrollment fees
  • No equipment to purchase
  • No changes to your existing FNB&Trust account
  • No hidden charges

Benefits of the DoubleCheck program:

  • Your internal collection efforts reduced or eliminated with a consumer-friendly approach to collections
  • You can avoid embarrassing conversations or collections with your returned check customers
  • Checks are returned at 100% of the face value if recovered
  • You'll experience improved rate and speed of recovery with electronic submission
  • 24/7 real-time reporting Ė secure on-line tracking providing status detail on all your NSF checks

For questions regarding this valuable, no cost program, please give us a call.

Night Depository

After hour's deposits are a convenient and secure way to do your banking.  Zipper or locking deposit bags are available (Bag not required for use of night depository.  All locations accept envelope drops.).  Night depositories are available at all of our locations.

Notary Public and Signature Guarantee

Bring in your legal documents and we will certify your signature.

Safe Deposit Boxes

A safe deposit box from First National Bank & Trust provides security and peace of mind. Imagine what you would do if important papers or those items you consider irreplaceable, things with sentimental value, were stolen or destroyed in a fire or hurricane. With a safe deposit box from First National Bank & Trust, you can be sure your valuables will be safe and secure for only pennies a day. Box sizes vary and the annual fee is automatically deducted from your FNB&T checking account. For box availability, stop by or call us at 251-368-3148. Safe deposit boxes arenít currently available in Excel.